Here, pig pig pig

We made a crazy jump and bought a pair of pigs! A brother and sister pair. We have them in a pen now but have planned out how to build the bigger pen. Have you ever made plans for building a pigpen? There is a lot of detail and measurements that I didn't even think of! So, when we first get these little stinkers home, we put them in the pen. One of them squeezed through under the wire! Did you even know they could do that? Well, the can! Then it started running across over 10 acres! A couple boys started to run that one down and the other one escaped! I ran after that sucka! Bug and I cornered him and I jumped right on! My husband and Scout got the female. They were all scratched up from the brush in the field and we didn't have any injuries! After my lungs exploded, I carried that muscled freak of a pig and put him into the pen! Whew! They are so strong!

Cailin DickensComment