Goodbye hospital

Finally, Dex is well and is being discharged today! If you are anything like me, the thought of a hot, relaxing bath sounds heavenly. But then I remember, I have tons of kids that like to come in, chat, and ask the same questions every time (multiple times) so I should laminate these answers: 

  1.  Yes, I am taking a bath.
  2. Maybe you can take one after me.
  3. No, I don't want any toys, thank you.  
  4. I'll be out in a bit.  
  5. Go ask your dad. 
  6. I guess you can get a small snack.  
  7. Sure, go lay in my bed and wait for me.  
  8. I'll read you a story when I'm dressed.  
  9. Yes these are bubbles. Grab a handful and get out!  
  10. No, I don't want the light turned off.  

You know now how that goes! I haven't been able to really take a luxurious bubble bath since having the twins seven weeks ago. After the birth itself, we had my father in law's passing and both twins down with RSV. I was tempted to stop at the famed Lush shop here in town but, as I loaded bags from the hospital stay into the van, I noticed I made a grave mistake. Brace yourself, it's a doozy:

              I took the double stroller out            of the van!

Yes, you read that right! My lifeline to leaving the house, my forearm saviour! Apparently, I lost my mind that day when I decided to remove that vital piece of equipment from the back. Well, now I have to cart around two car seats and two oxygen tanks. At least it's only temporary.


Let's find out what bath bomb you need from Lush!   I got Golden Egg bath bomb so maybe that's what I will get!


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