This little hide of mine Pt. 2

Bug and lil A have been out hunting the last two days, after they finish their schoolwork, of course! Bug now has two rattlesnake skins, a rabbit hide, and two pigeons. Bug and lil A have had to shoot two rattlers on the property in the last two days! Scary but they are not about to let their little sisters get bit!  

Well, back to the topic! Bug is salt curing his two rattlesnake skins. They cleaned up the two birds they shot earlier and made the breast and hearts for dinner. 


Bacon wrapped pigeon, anyone?  

On a lighter note, Rose is off the O2 today! It's nice to not have to cart around two oxygen tanks! Dex wasn't ready to drop his O2 yet, maybe next week. 


This is how people look when they go into Bug's shed or bedroom!  

Cailin DickensComment