The sickness

My husband, Ty, came home from work sick last Wednesday. He was a typical sick man! Then, a few days ago, Lime started to get sick. She was really bad on day 3 (tons of mucus and miserable) so we went to the doctor only to be told it's a plain cold. Now the twins are sick and it's RSV! Poor Rose was throwing up milk and Dex is stuffy. Sick, nursing twins are the worst! No sleep, no coffee shop in this small town, and snoring husband= miserable mommy!

Being admitted to the hospital for o2 since their levels were in the 70/80s. I hope they are doing better by tomorrow because being in the hospital sucks enough. At least I have a charger and unlimited data! If it wasn't for this charger, , I wouldn't have made it through! Tomorrow is father in law's memorial service and I really wanted to be there for my husband. I also now won't be able to shave my legs :( At least tomorrow we are leaving the inlaws and heading home! 


Both babies had low o2 and needed nebuliser treatments.  


They were both weighed and Rose was 7.12 ( Scout's birthweight) and Dex was 8lbs (lil A's birthweight)!  

Cailin Dickens