The last year (from today) in review

2016: When hiking in our hometown with the father in law, he laughs as Ty and I are really struggling. He says,"I'm 63 years old and you don't see me huffing up this mountain." Duh! We are used to living in an area that is half of the elevation! We literally are used to twice as much o2! Good times! The best and most intense hikes are with this awesome man!  

Bug passes his BSA swimming test to get second class rank!  

Bug chooses Red Lobster for his birthday dinner. Kids love seafood and they better! This meal cost over $130! Ty told every one to pick what they wanted (while I died a little inside) and there wasn't too much left over! 

Ty bought a griddle. This magnificent piece of heaven is able to cook up enough pancakes for everyone! Enough bacon for everyone! A dozen eggs can be scrambled at one time! Where has this been all my life?! 

Bug got a few Madagascar hissing cockroaches to start a colony. It was a slow going but it started to pick up and Ares got to enjoy quite a few baby hissers! Bug also earned Pets merit badge by taking care of them. He also built an obstacle course for a roach and all the scouts loved it!  

Scout built a mini bike and motorised bicycle. He rebuilt a few lawn mowers and a go cart. He is an awesome mechanic! Now if only he would put the tools away when he is finished! 

We all went to Roswell, NM and did all the touristy junk! Aliens everywhere!  

We got a Great Dane puppy and named him Sparta. Mostly so we could say, "This is Spaaaaarrrrrta!"  

I worked at Starbucks from July to October. It was crazy but the kids needed dental work done (mostly fixing crap work from a hack dentist). It sucked waking up at 4:30 and missing the kids but was nice to pay for dentist bills and I paid off every negative thing on my credit! Whoop whoop! 

Bug started up his bug jewelry business and has a booth at the local farmers market. He was in an entrepreneurial class at the college and they paid for supplies for his business, the table space, and a front page newspaper article!  

We went to a giant water park in Santa Rosa. Ty decided to try out the really big water slide and managed to twist his ankle really bad. We had to leave but he still roughed it out and hobbled his way through the whole Billy the Kid museum in Fort Sumner.  

We found out we were pregnant with twins! Just when we mentally accepted that we were having baby number 7, joke is on us: it's actually twins! So I'm working at Starbucks, extremely nauseous over the smell of coffee, and desperately tired! 

We went on the yearly elk hunt but didn't get anything. First year in twenty years my FIL said he didn't get one:(  

2017: Ty gets the call that he got the job he applied for! It's across state and in the area we have always wanted to live! The house hunt begins!

Our female Great Dane, Sheba had puppies! I went into preterm labor (32 weeks) and on the way to the nearest hospital (Lubbock, TX!) she also went into labor! She had ten puppies, but two of them didn't survive. Bug delivered them all with help from Scout and Lil A. The doctors were able to stop my labor at the same time and I spent the next to long, miserable weeks in the hospital on bed rest. Ty takes time off work and MIL comes to help out. 

I'm released from the hospital, still pregnant, at 34 weeks and told to "take it easy". I did my best but I have six other kids, 8 new puppies, and a whole house to pack up for a move across state! 

Lil A earned his Weblos badge in Cub Scouts! He worked his butt off to finish this one before we move and he did!  

The boys all participated in the local BSA council's mulligan stew. Every troop brings some meat and veggies and they cook it all in huge cauldrons over fires. They have tug of war, fishing, hiking, and competitions planned. It was freezing that weekend but the boys made it through since it would be their last campout with these friends. 

Ty and I go to Lubbock for my 36 week OB visit. My doc said, " I hope you guys packed a bag, because you are not leaving here tonight!" TWINS!!  6:27 and 6:31 pm, Rose & Dex are born! Weighing in at 5.11 and 5.4 and neither need any o2 or anything! When discharge time comes along, they need a car seat "challenge". That's when they sit in their little car seats for the length of the drive home (2hours). Dex fails (o2 sat drops) and he is transferred to the NICU. Rose is discharged. We get all the way home with only one baby and get a call the next day that Rose has really high bilirubin levels and has to come back in. We drive all the way back, stay under lights for 24 hours, and both babies are released and we all get to go home! 

We found a house and manage to quick close (6 weeks isn't very quick to us!). This house is awesome and I can't wait to get in it! Every thing gets all packed and FIL helped us move. When I bring a load the day before he came to help, the uhaul trailor isn't hooked up right and smashes into the back window of the van! Shattered glass everywhere! Ugh! Such a pain to deal with uhaul and getting glass replaced while trying to move!  

Did I mention the washing machine stopped draining water? And we only clothe diaper the two year old? That's cool, every one loves the laundry mat, right? 

We finally get everything moved into the new house and then my FIL dies unexpectedly! The inlaws were planning on coming for Easter and then he just died. It is tragic because he was such an amazing man! We stop everything and travel back to hometown which is now only two hours away instead of five! We deal with all the sadness and stress. MIL has a small heart attack. Doctors say it was a broken heart :( She was fine but too much stress! Then, Lime gets sick and then twins! Now, I'm sitting in the hospital with two tiny babies with RSV. 

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