Getting to know The Dickens

Me: stay at home mom to 8, Homeschooler, Slightly obcessed with Boy Scouts, LDS (Mormon) but also human so I make mistakes (mostly I struggle with coffee, which you will see). 


Ty: husband, wind technician, Army for 8 years, now disabled Vet with PTSD, amazing dad

Scout: oldest son, currently 14, rides scooters/bmx, hard of hearing

Bug: second son, 12, has an insect jewelry business, vet-in-training, dyslexic

lil A: third son, 10, loves rocks and minerals, mild Aspergers 

Elle: first daughter, 7, tomboy, awesome

Slim: second daughter, 4, self-proclaimed rougaru (werewolf)

Lime: third daughter, 2, crazy

Rose & Dex: infant twins, awesome  

Sheba, Sparta, Athena, and possibly the rest of the puppies if we don't sell them!  

Cecil: Balinese cat, extremely crazy

Ares: bearded dragon, chill dude

Pigs: haven't named them yet but coming soon!  

We are starting a homestead on our newly owned 10 acres! It already has fenced areas and chicken coop and barn so that's neat. We will be getting chickens and pigs first. We plan on having a massive garden. Eventually, we want bees, a small fruit tree orchard, alpacas, and a small milk cow. 

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