Huge dogs=huge poops

Just in case you didn't realise, Great Danes are giant dogs that have giant poops! Poor Elle is on poop duty and has to pick it up from the yard. It wasn't so bad when we only had Sheba. Now we have Sparta and seven puppies! This week, we are going to attempt to potty train all the puppies and teach them a couple of basic commands. As much as I would love to keep all of them, it would be insane with the amount of poop, food, and shelter (to separate females in heat) to keep them! Finding homes for large dogs is challenging since most people see how cute they are and don't realise how big a dog like this can get! Even though a Great Dane is great in size, they are over all great dogs! They have wonderful (and lazy) personalities and have been excellent with our kids! They can lay all over the dogs and the dogs are too big and lazy to care!  


Lime with Sparta  


Bug with Sheba  


Elle with some pups

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